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The Armourcoat is a manufacturer of polished plaster and surface finishes for interior decoration of residential villas, commercial buildings and hotels.

Armourcoat's range of polish plaster combines ancient skills with modern materials and carefully refined application techniques are creating a stunning choice of polished plaster finishes, unsurpassed in hardness and quality. We have undertaken interior polished plaster projects for many prestigious building like Kingdom Center, Sheraton hotel and Saudi Aramco office buildings.

Armourcoat Smooth

The smooth polished finish is similar to the marmorino stucco, used extensively in northern Italy during the Renaissance period as a wall finish and a background for the ornate frescoes.
The smooth polished it is this combination of material and technique that is now widely regarded as Venetian plaster. The final appearance of this finish is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, making it possible to achieve anything from a plain, lightly polished surface to a more highly burred and marbleised effect.

Armourcoat Pitted

The rugged, more grainy appearance of the Pitted finish combines with a less highly polished surface to create appearance and feel of honed or lightly polished limestone. It is most effective when used to create the appearance of a monolithic stone surface or a natural stone block. The Pitted finish is seen to best effect in lighter or natural stone colours and can benefit greatly from acute downlighting to accentuate the slightly pitted nature of the surface.

Color Wash

The colourwash finish, with its rich tones is ideal for large walls, feature areas and dramatic display backdrops , especially when combined with creative or dramatic lighting. The Pearlescent and Metallic glaze is a luxurious manner of finished decorative plaster. Without substantially altering the plaster colour, pearlescent glaze imparts a subtle sparkle or shimmer. The glaze can be applied to almost any surface, but is seen to its best advantages on pitted or Dragged finished.

Armourcoat Dragged

Inspired by the patterning of weathered rock, the Dragged finish is another Armourcoat development—both in technique and specialist tools. Using the same ingredients as the Pitted finish, the rugged, grainy, yet semi-polished surface is characterized by striations of texture running through the surface to give a strong directional quality….

Armourcoat Spatulata

The Spatulata finish is pure luxury.Pioneered by the Egyptians; improved by the Romans; it become known as stucco lustro veneziano by the venetians. Traditionally it was applied in 10-15 fine coats over a background of 2-3 layers of semi-dry marmorino and finally polished with hot iron. Modern additives have greatly improved the working characteristics enabling it to be successfully applied in just 5-7 layers and polished to a glassy shine with a small steel blade or trowel. Spatulata finish is a unique mix of high-grade aged lime putty, micronized marble powder and special additives.

Armourcoat Travertine

The Travertine finish has a light open texture and a directional quality similar to that of natural travertine stone. The surface has a low sheen , and although applied in just one colour appear s to have two or three distinctly separate tones running through the surface. This finish can work well in colours across the spectrum as it is possible to achieve the subtle tonal contrasts in both light and dark colours.

Armourcoat Armulia

Armuralia provides an exquisite, silky smooth finish with subtle tonal variations. This finish has an inherent elegance, achieving unrivalled depth and vibrancy of colours. The final appearance of this finish is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, making it possible to achieve anything from a plain, lightly polished surface to a more highly burred and marbleised effect.

Gold leaf

Gold leaf is a great addition to any artwork and can be used as the art itself by applying it as the design. You can also add shading and highlighting to the leaf after its applied. There are variations of leafing including variegated, silver and copper. Many leafs come in packages of six 5 1/2- by- 5 1/2-in. sheets. Great for all indoor projects, this material adds beauty to artwork.


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