Gold and Silver Leaf

Gold leaf and silver leaf for walls

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We have our expertise in Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf & High End Texture Paints and have executed over thousand sites ranging from Villas, Malls, Hotels, Resorts, Farmhouses, Penthouses, Corporate offices to high end residences.

We can cater to your need for Gold Leafing, Silver Leafing, Champagne Leafing, Copper Leafing,Silver leafing, Antique Leafing, Silver leaf painting, goldleaf painting ,Silverleaf painting,cracle leaf, Goldleafing,Silverleafing,gold paint colors & high end texture effectively and offer customized solutions to meet your expectations thereby creating your visualization into a fascinating reality.

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What is Gold Leafing ,Silver Leafing ,Gilding ?
Gilding is the process of applying copper, silver or gold leaf to an object to give it the appearance that it is made of solid metal. Gold leaf is a great way to transform an everyday object into a focal point in your home. Gold leaf can be applied on walls, ceilings, metal, picture frames and candle sticks or even added to the trim work on your furniture to dress it up.
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